Saturday, May 1, 2010

Baby development charts


ari ni aku nk share pamplet yg aku amik kat JJ last week...mula2 nk buang, tp bile belek2, ade info berguna.. ok laa.. layaannnn...aku pun teruja nk beli kan my misha menan2 nih..

From newborn ~ 6 wiks old
Ur baby will begin to smile and his eyes will followthings that move slowly especially those wif color contrast abd wif interesting sound
Toy for this stage :
* Baby gym / playmat
* Cot mobiles
* Bb music CD''s

From 3 ~ 6 months old
Ur bb will be able to roll over, push up with his/her hands and may beginto grasp, shake & release objects and as well as explore diff. taste of food.
T0y for this stage :
* Wrist/foot rattle
* Soft toys
* Squezze toys
* Teethers
* Pullstrings

From 6 ~ 8 months old
Ur baby will be able to sit up unsupported and amuse themselves for long. He/she will also show more interesting to their surroundings. Ur bby will start smilling, babling, picking and grasping objects and plying wif other adults and children
T0y for this stage :
* Bb mirror
* Bath toys
* Wrist/foot rattle
* Teethers
* Small cardbooks

From 8 ~ 12 months old
Ur bb will react to stimulation, begin to crawl, stand and may even start to say a few words
T0y for this stage :
* Musicals toy
* Toy telephone
* Pull toys
* Flash cards
* Walker
* Push chair

Baby developmnt

0 ~ 6 months
Kicking ~ pushing up ~ reaching ~ sitting up
6 ~ 12 months
crawling ~ pulling up ~ cruising ~ standing
12 ~ 18 months
walking ~ riding
18 months

k la.. hopefully these info bley tulung2 mane2 yg patut...


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